Studying Kamagra and How it Helps Men

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One of the most crucial sexual disorders in men is Erectile Dysfunction who are not able to satisfy call girl in pune. The disease has led to the destruction of several amorous or married relations. Chemists and druggists have thus come up with the some very effective remedies of this ailment. Though erectile dysfunction is not impotency in the truest sense, it is no less dangerous. Of the several treatments of ED available in the market Kamagra pills are one of the most efficient.

About Kamagra

Before Kamagra, there was no significant oral medicine to treat ED. The generic name of this drug is Sildenafil Citrate. Today, the drug has gained wide popularity. It has the same results as that of a 100 mg dose of Viagra. The Kamagra medications are available in both jelly and pill forms.

History of Kamagra

What is most interesting about Kamagra is the fact that, the drug was originally prepared to increase the flow of blood into human heart and also improve cardiovascular problems. However, the drug resulted more effectively in improving the sexual abilities in men.

Taking Kamagra

Kamagra medication is meant to be taken orally and they come in pills of 25, 50 and 100 mgs. The drug must be taken in empty stomach at least an hour or so before you indulge in a sexual act. A full stomach will limits the efficiency of the drug to a considerable level. The drug inhibits the PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type enzyme, found in the penises of men and start working within 30 minutes to an hour. This enzyme is responsible for the restriction in the relaxation of penis muscles and thus is thus the primary deterrent for an erection. Also, if one doesn’t indulge in sex after the consumption of the pill, it will be removed from the system automatically.

Side Effects

Just like any other medication even Kamagra has certain side effects of its own. however, they are short-lived and mild in comparison. Some of the common Kamagra side-effects are, infections in the urinary tracts, diarrhea, congestion, facial flushing, headaches etc. Kamagra has been tested on several people belonging to different age groups. Of all the people treated with Kamagra, 80% have shown improvement in terms of a penetration, an erection, or in maintaining the erection for longer than they could actually do.


However, one must remember that Kamagra is a drug, which one should never self prescribe. A physician must always be consulted during any kind of sexual problem. Also the drug is not given without a prescription and if you placed an online order, your medical past will be reviewed and rechecked thoroughly before the delivery. Therefore, one must remember that self medicating himself with Kamagra might cause opposite results.

For individuals who are being treated with a drug of that contains nitrate, Kamagra can be no less than a poison. This is why one’s medical history must be closely evaluated. Therefore one must start using Kamagra only after they have been green signaled by the physician. Given that is ensured Kamagra can work miracles.

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