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December 19, 2017
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If you’re thinking of becoming a call girl in pune of whatsappcallgirls but not sure what to wear then take a look at our guide to the top six web cam modelling costumes that will get you noticed.

1. Devilish Dominatrix

If you want to ooze sex appeal then you can’t go wrong with the dominatrix look. Squeeze yourself into a black rubber body suit, sky high boots and accessories with a leather whip. Vintage makeup works wonderfully with an S&M costume so make sure you’ve got a sweep of black liner across your eyelids and plenty of glossy red lipstick.

Celebrity Inspiration – Nicole Scherzinger knows how to work a bit of latex and Lady GaGa pulls off the Dominatrix style in her own, inimitably eccentric way.

2. Sexy School Girl

A tighter than tight white shirt with plenty of undone buttons, a short and sexy gym slip and knee length socks are all you need for an unbeatable sexy schoolgirl costume. Keep your makeup to a minimum, put your hair in bunches and accessories with a lollypop to really drive them wild.

Celebrity Inspiration – Britney is undoubtedly the celeb who put sexy schoolgirls on the map, but check out Girls aloud in their St Trinian’s cameo for more ideas.

3. Slutty Cop

If you love to boss your boys about then a slutty cop persona is perfect. You’ll need a peaked cap, Rayban sunglasses and cop style zipper dress, with black lace undies and a push up bra beneath. Sweep your hair back into a bun; it’s perfect for shaking out sexily when you’re ready for action.

Celebrity Inspiration – American Pie the Wedding features a scene with a sexy stripping cop which will give you all the outfit ideas you need.

4. Sex Kitten

You’ll have your visitors purring with delight if you dress up as a sex kitten. Think Catwoman squared and swap the full body suit for a tight fitting super short playsuit that shows off your purrty pins. You’ll need a pair of ears and a tail too!

Celebrity Inspiration – Katy Perry wins hands down when it comes to making animal ears sexy, but Julie Newmar was the original and is still the best Catwoman.

5. Naughty Nurse

If your visitors are in need of serious medical attention then alleviate all their ailments as a sexy nurse. There a million different nurse outfits to choose from so look for one that flashes plenty of flesh and is easy to get off and on. Don’t forget your nurse’s cap and accessories with a stethoscope.

Celebrity Inspiration – If you’re looking for the ultimate nurse outfit then check out the super-slutty number Christina Agulllera was sporting a few Halloweens ago.

6. Velveteen Vampire

If you’re already channeling Bella Swan then a vampire look is perfect for you. Raven black hair, snow white skin and blood red lips are essential, along with a form fitting corset and plenty of velvet; but for a real authenticity, invest in a pair of high quality fangs.

Celebrity Inspiration – If you want to pull off edgy Goth but still have plenty of sex appeal then check out Fairuza Balk in cult movie ‘The Craft’. Yes, that is the little girl from ‘Return to Oz’.

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