How to “Get it On” in Public

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March 6, 2019
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Sex in public has become a norm these days. Many couples and even total strangers do it for fun, pleasure and most significantly for adrenaline rush. No doubt that this can be a lot of fun especially when you are into adventures and quirky sexual escapades. Having sex in public is a great experience to share with your partner but with its allure comes the risks of getting unwanted attention. Yes, the fear of getting caught comes with the thrill but you would not want to face legal consequences just because you can’t hold that monster any longer.

Most of the time, getting excessively intimate in public places is punishable by law. That being said, it is anticipated that aside from shame, you got to be ready to pay some bail if caught in the act. Some may not intend to make it out in the public while some may have plans to get that daredevil fantasy into reality. Whichever the case is, it is always good to know the risks you are taking, the good spots that should be considered and the ideal setup of sex in public. Just bear in mind that this know-how does not intend to induce anybody to try anything out. As adults, you will always be held responsible for your actions and if you really want to break the rules, you might as well be clever enough.

Sex in Public: Things to Remember

Make sure your outfit lets you do the deed discreetly.

Wear clothes that you do not have to remove to get to your business. Clothes that will allow you easy access to do what you have to do. Your girl might also want to skip her underwear like a real call girls in pune ready for action anytime.


Seek a good spot.

1. The Pool

Sex in the swimming pool can be so hot yet so cold. You’re doing the deed making the waters as your cover. Just make sure that the water level is enough to cover your bodies. If there are kids around the venue, do not even think to do it for Pete’s sake! You also have to consider the width of the pool. Is there enough space to allow other people to swim without you getting caught? Choose a corner where you and your partner can stay, a little away from the rest.

Here is a video of sex in the pool. This couple might have completely lost their decency at this moment in their life but who cares anyway? At least they have enjoyed each other’s company and had the chance to be watched by people, which is for some, a turn on.

There you go, the call girls in pune were not discreet and you might not want to be so obvious like this.  Be careful and act as if you were just enjoying the pool waters. You can do it as if you’re only talking, standing very closely to each other, where in fact penetration is taking place. One more thing, forget about the title of this video. Perhaps the one who gave its title meant to say “Died in Pleasure.”

2. The Park or Campground

Pick a grassy spot where there are trees to cover you and your partner. Hide in the bushes or find a spot where you cannot be easily seen though you are out in the open (i.e. deep hollow in a park).

3. Beach

What makes sex in public beach extra special is the fact that the place is a perfect setting for romance especially during night. With the moon and stars as your light and the cool wind to set the mood right, you both know that something shall come to pass.


4. At a parking lot (inside your car)

Half of the world is fun of it. Sex inside a car has been a practice and don’t be shocked if you happen to see a car shaking wildly in a parking lot (as if you are a virgin).  It is advisable that you move just right so you would not invite others curiosity and investigation. Worst is that you’ll be approached by a security personnel with a flashlight pointed at your face.

Be aware of your environment and stay away from places near worship areas and schools.

Just a quickie.

A long foreplay is not advisable in sex in public. Most couples making out in open places share a quick yet pleasurable and satisfying sexual deed.

Resist the urge to moan and groan at the top of your voice.

You can moan and groan in pleasure but make sure to minimize your voice unless you want someone to come near you and watch live porn. That is if they are not authorities to make you pay for your indecent actions.

Have you ever shared an intimate moment with your partner in a public place? Feel free to tell us your stories and the craziest public places you’ve ever had sexual encounter.

Kiss in Public with call girls

Kissing with pune call girls in public can be fun, but sometimes it might be  uncomfortable to do but our girls are too forward, They will make you feel comfortable. In most places, you’re not likely to catch anything more than a ugly look for too much at public places. Learning what’s at tough and challenging before kissing with call girls in public will ensure you feel happy and below are some points to keep in mind.

·        Keep clam and clean while kissing

·        Be aware of location and time with fun

·        Be aware of social image mean while you are with call girls

·        Make sure it’s personal so keep boundaries of call girls in pune in mind

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