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March 16, 2019
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March 18, 2019
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Get Ready for your First Date

♥ Scrub the dirt from under your nails. Clip your nails short. Men with untidy fingernails just look gross.

♥ Get a haircut and make it short. Long hair looks ridiculous unless you are in a rock band or are a model.

♥ The vogue for the goatee look was over 2 years ago. Keep in mind that many women have sensitive skin and kissing a man with facial hair is a turnoff. Ninety percent of pune call girls prefer a clean-shaven man. You won’t see many men with hair on their face. If you are not getting dates, consider this part of the problem and shave all of it off for a while. Try, it works.

Most of the time a mustache makes the man’s mouth look small and his facial expression sad. Sorry guys, but most of you grow these things to be in or macho and 60-70% of the facial hair call girls in pune see on guys as scraggly and uneven, makes their mouth look small, well, you get the idea. If you are still reluctant in shaving then make sure they are trimmed well.

♥ Take a good look in the mirror. Do your eye brows run together? If so have them professionally tweezed or electrolysis to remove the unwanted hair. It gives a stern and unhappy look leaving you dateless. So go and fix it!

♥ If you wear glasses and your glasses are more than 3 years old, are aviator style, or large lenses, it is time to get a new pair.

♥ Wear something classy and tasteful for the first meeting. Wear pants, shirts and polished shoes. A good pair of loafers always looks good.

♥ If your teeth are yellow from smoking or coffee, try an over the counter whitening toothpaste or the whitening gel and mouthpieces from your dentist. Nothing is sexier than pearly white teeth.

♥ Fragrance-Smell is an important attraction. Make sure you have a shower before your meeting. Nothing is better than a light whiff of a good designer cologne/aftershave. No Old Spice PLEASE!

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