Love Yourself

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March 18, 2019
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Love Yourself

“Adore yourself. Acknowledge yourself, and don’t make superfluous issues. And all issues are superfluous; there are no vital issues. I have not gone over any!!”       – OSHO

To be loved by another person or call girls in pune, you need to love yourself first. When you don’t see yourself worthy of being loved or liked or admired, how will others?

When you love yourself, you take care of yourself – eat healthy that too on time, exercise regularly, you take proper rest, and do everything to make yourself happy. By not looking after you, and by not loving yourself, you are indirectly doing disservice to the people who love you.


  1. Always remember, you’re never as bad as you think.
  2. Appreciate your own strengths.
  3. Do whatever keeps you fit and happy.
  4. Eat what you like but in moderation.
  5. Say NO, If you don’t want to do indulge into anything.
  6. If you want or want to do something, say YES.
  7. Don’t shy from compliments; make a list of the nice things people say about you.
  8. Take out 30 minutes for yourself everyday, no matter what.
  9. Don’t feel guilty about spending time, money or efforts on yourself.
  10. If you don’t like something about you, figure out and then fix them.

Loving your own self is not easy. It’s very tough when external factors constantly are pulling you down. But that’s where loving yourself assumes even greater significance. Accept your flaws and if possible try to fix them. Once you accept your flaws, you’ll muse on your skills.

Thinking positively is the first step towards not thinking negatively. When you love yourself, you feel great physically, mentally and emotionally. Then you won’t need others to tell you what is good about you, YOU KNOW IT.

Love humans and remember yourself as a human being. So, LOVE YOURSELF.