Orgasms – How To Keep The Spark

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Having sex regularly has been proven to actually improve your overall well-being. A healthy regime of mind-blowing orgasms can do wonders for your personal health. Probably the most obvious advantage is that comforting sleepiness that creeps over you after a good session in the sack – the better the orgasm, the better your quality of sleep will be – something which automatically lowers your stress levels.

When a woman’s sexual activity increases, her risk of cancer is significantly reduced as well as the chance of suffering a heart attack or a stroke. When men and women climax the brain sends a signal that it needs more oxygen, which is extremely beneficial because oxygen keeps the brain focussed – increased oxygen equals increased brain functions. Having sex has many health benefits and is an extremely good way to keep fit. Thirty minutes of sex can burn about 85 calories – not that impressive on its own but it sure is a lot more fun than trundling on a treadmill! And combined with the emotional aspects of increased self-esteem which stems from feeling loved and wanted, sex can be the best all-round workout.

Mother Nature has given us this gift that we call an orgasm. We believe that for that reason we should always aim for that overwhelmingly exhilarated sensation that consumes our whole body when we finally climax.

It is of course not always possible to achieve an orgasm when making love, as many of us falls in the dreadful relationship routine. Many couples lapse into monotonous relationships where they either don’t have sex at all or when they do have sex they usually end up having sex in regular old missionary position (no exhilaration or excitement). If this happens time after time it can have a serious detrimental effect on the relationship.

Even though your regular love-making routine can be seen as an essential part of your relationship, we do believe that mixing it up will not only improve your sexual experience but also improve your connection as a couple and lovers. After a while sex can become a bit bland, so if both parties feel they want something more than they should avoid settling for the vanilla and go for some double-decker chocolate. There are some real nifty sex toys on the market which are ideal for use during love making with call girls in pune from whatsappcallgirls.

One such couples’ sex toy is the Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator. This little gem can be worn by the girl while having sex. This unobtrusive toy will allow you and your partner to take sex to the next level. The toy slips inside the woman and fastens itself just above the clitoral area, while the male penetrates his lover. Both parties would now be able to feel the sexy and titillating vibrations.

On the other hand you may want to try something a bit more intense like the ergonomically shaped and stylish Magnetic Dual Power Ring. We are all in agreement that there is nothing as exciting as this fashionable penis ring.

Simple to use, place the ring over the male member while erect. A little vibe includes a small vibrator at the bottom which stimulates the female genitalia while having sex. The powerful vibrations can be felt my both parties and the ring will also help the guy from not reaching the peak of his sexual excitement to quickly (premature ejaculation). The ring also helps the male to keep his erection for longer – which is certainly an advantage!

Keep in mind that when sex play becomes a habit, your brains tend to switch off or it tends to think about other things that are not sexual-related, which leads to sub-standard orgasms and below-par sexual encounters. It is believed that the more adventurous both parties can be the better chance you have to excel in your relationship while sharing so pretty amazing and intense orgasms.

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