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October 30, 2017
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penis size

Increasing your testosterone would help you increase your penis size and gives you a heavy load. Your small dick would be a monster and your tear drop of semen would be a water from a fireman’s hose exploding with a huge amount of semen.  Call girls in pune will start liking you instantly. Well lets see how testosterone pills work and if this urban myth is really true.

How to increase Testosterone Level:

  • Go to gym or Lift heavy things: this would boost your testosterone level and it act as a stimulant to produce testosterone in your body.  In other study resting 90 seconds  between squat and bench press sets would boost the testosterone. Taking a rest of 60 seconds between sets would be good for growth hormone and less for the Testosterone.
  • Take a Sprint: in young men a short sprint would increased serum total testosterone levels. Even during recovery the testosterone level still remains the same.
  • Excessive Cortisol is Bad: cortisol reduces and antagonizes free testosterone levels. Stress is the one that produces Cortisol, so better have your self a stress free environment which seems to be not so easy. Also sleeping in an adequate time would help increase your testosterone level, so it is better to take a good night sleep for your testosterone level to have a high level.
  • Go out under the sun and take your vitamin D:Vitamin D is associated with bone and muscular strength which also relates it to testosterone level in men.
  • Eating Clean, Pastured Animal Products is safe: dioxin is present in other animals  that we eat,  so you should prefer meat that has grown by eating grass fed animals to lessen your exposure in taking this chemical compound. In studies, dioxin shows that it interferes the male reproductive system, including the production of testosterone level, which is not good for us men that will lessen the male hormone production.
  • Take or eat Saturated and Monounsaturated Fat: in middle aged men, testosterone production decreases.  A study was conducted on a male athlete and they found out that both saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and cholesterol intakes were positively correlated with resting testosterone levels. As aging goes, the body feels the theory of wear and tear, that is one of the signs or possible  reason to lead you to a disease. Everyone knows that equilibrium is important especially when it comes to health issues. A simple increase in one of your body components level would be an abnormal and can be an illness or disease.
  • Take Adequate Zinc Intake: zinc  helps the body to boost your penis size, and also the load it burst. Your girl would surely love it and handle it big. Foods that are Rich in Zinc: Oyster, Toasted Wheat Germ, Veal Liver, Sesame Seeds and Tahini (Sesame Butter) , Low Fat Roast Beef ,  Roasted Pumpkin and Squash Seeds,  Dried Watermelon Seeds, Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder, Lamb (Mutton),  Peanuts. Try these food and see for your self what would or what can it gives you. There is no harm in trying, you can prove to yourself and not to anyone who does it. It would be a different from what you hear and what you feel. You are the one that should experience it and not just by their stories.
  • Keep Away from Foods that Regularly Spike Your Blood Glucose Levels:  in some research, 75 grams of pure glucose would cause tour testosterone level drop up to 25% of its normal range, in random sampling of healthy, prediabetic, and diabetic men. These study lead us to know that too much of glucose is not good for us. Even the sudden spike of our glucose. We should be aware of what we eat and about what to eat. Our generation becomes more prone to a lot of disease due to some technology even vegetables uses chemicals to become a good quality which would be or may be harmful for us in the near future that may cause some illnesses or disease.

There are a lot of ways on how you can increase your penis size but it is up to you on what method would you choose to use or what can be an effective way to you. This method that I’ve tried are effective and it is natural, there is no harm or pain when you try this method. In my experience this are really effective. See for your self if it also works for you. I am certain that alot of call girls in pune will surely  like you.

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