Science and Sex: 3 New Ways to Boost Female Libido

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Low female libido is a common sexual complaint. Scientists and researchers continue to look for new ways to boost sexual desire in women.Of the various sexual complaints that women or pune call girls express, low libido is the most common one. Most women experience this problem at one time or another. They can blame a waning sex drive on numerous causes, from health conditions to hormonal changes to relationship problems.

Men have medications to treat their sexual problems, but there is no “little blue pill” for women. To improve their sex lives, women must turn to antidepressant medications, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), counseling or lifestyle changes.

Some girls use herbal supplements to bolster their libido. Others rely on healthy eating and physical exercise. Most women experiment until they find something that works for them.

Several new, sex-enhancing products have hit the shelves in the United States and Canada. While they cannot treat the root cause of low libido, they do offer promising treatment options. Here are three of the newer options that researchers say are highly effective for some women.

Female Arousal Aids
Several new personal lubricants have hit the market in recent years. One over-the-counter product contains a vitamin B3 or niacin-based formula that improves blood flow to the genital region. A new female arousal oil uses botanicals and herbal extracts to enhance sensitivity to touch.

A new hand-held device uses a gentle vacuum to improve blood flow to the genitals and increase lubrication during sexual activities. Similar to a vibrator sex toy, this arousal aid can be used during foreplay or without intercourse to condition female sexual response.

Testosterone Therapy
Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, appears in women to a lesser degree. It plays an important role in both male and female libido. Some doctors prescribe the hormone off-label for women with diminished sexual desire. For those with testosterone deficiency, hormone therapy improves libido, arousal and female orgasmic quality.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a testosterone gel for women. In research involving surgically-menopausal women, the gel increased sexual satisfaction for most of the study participants. Like estrogen therapy, however, testosterone therapy may cause adverse effects with long-term use.

Aphrodisiac Drugs
Beyond personal lubricants and hormone therapy, some researchers have focused on the female brain. A new class of aphrodisiac drugs may boost female libido by acting on the arousal zones in the brain. In a recent animal study, one drug caused females to initiate sexual activity.

Another drug balances the inhibition system in the brain. Researchers expect it to revive sexual desire in perimenopausal women. Studies are ongoing, but these new arousal drugs may be the “little blue pill” that women have been waiting for.

For a number of reasons, women may have trouble staying interested in sex or getting sufficiently aroused for intercourse. Finding something that works can be a time-consuming process; depending on the treatment, it can be expensive as well. These new libido boosters and arousal aids have shown promise in clinical studies, so they may be worth a try.

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