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Every intelligent and smart man knows how to keep his wife or girl friend happy. This includes genuine compliments and sometimes lying. Now you may think that lying is not good but I believe if your lie makes call girls in pune happy and does not harm anybody in both near and far future, then you should.

This series of articles will help men in handling there lady tactfully and will help women to understand their man’s comments easily.

  • The following situation is common for most guys in relationships: She asks, “Do I look fat in this?” Some of the answers expected are “No, of course you don’t look fat.”, “Not at all”, “Infact I was about to ask did you loose some weight”, “No dear, you are looking very beautiful, as always.” Other than ignoring his wife or girlfriend’s question, for men, this is the only way to come out of the situation safe and sound.
  • Every man notices beautiful women passing by and then comes queue of same old questions from their romantic partners or soul mates, “What are you looking at?”, “Is she prettier than me?” and lots more. Despite men don’t see a reason of insecurity among females, they tell her a lie. They reassure the woman that there is no one else in this world worth fantasizing about.
  • Most men end an argument or potential squabble by stating, “Enough for now, we’ll talk about it later”. In most cases, men really do not want to “talk about it later,” in fact they never want to talk about it.
  • Some people are born cook but some are not. An individual is best judge for his culinary skills. Others might give bias statement. If you are the one who requires a recipe book to make a toast and your husband or boyfriend compares your cooking with one of the best cooks then you know he is lying. However, this lie is for your good dear ladies, remember to improve your cooking as he won’t be able to lie much.
  • Guys consider romantic comedies as unrealistic, silly and boring but men will say that they love it. These are the untruths said simply to save energy in argument. Do cooperate with them as there only motive in saying, “I love chick flicks” is they want to reap the benefits of a happy, romantic-minded girlfriend/wife afterwards.
  • Every man knows that the key to a pune call girl’s heart is through her family even though they may be really obnoxious and intolerable. If he is serious about his relationship with you then he’ll adjust with them and will always say that “I love them”. Living with your mother’s enduring idiosyncrasy, remarks and actions becomes an important part of the man’s routine. You should be happy as he loves you a lot.

And there you have it; some of the most popular lies men have up their sleeves in times of trouble but no harms to you or to anyone.

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