What NOT to do on Your First Date

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March 16, 2019
Get Ready for your First Date
Guys!! Get Ready for your First Date
March 16, 2019
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Your First Date

First date is very important. Everybody, men or women, wants to create a Great First Impression with call girls in pune as you rarely get a second chance!!

Turn Offs for women: A complete NO for you handsome guys

• Talking with your mouth full of food.
• Answering a cell phone at dinner or during your date. Choice is yours either turn off the cell phone or the man you are dating.
• Not saying Please and Thank You
• Discussions about Astrology, UFO’s and other New Age type talk.
• Asking the waiter for a doggy bag.
• Using slang or curse words.
• Gossip.
• Talking about death.
• Mentioning ex-girlfriends or ex-wife.
• Dressing up like a soverly provocative manner.
• Unshaved underarms and legs
• Over processed, big, over sprayed or out of style hair.
• Unstylish clothing-wearing sack like clothing is unattractive.
• Overdressing.
• Excessively cheap or frugal: Expecting a woman to split the check, leaving miserly tips or none at all.
• Showing up for your date looking like you are ready to go to the beach or camping rather than ready to take your date on the town.
• Answering a cell phone at dinner or during a meeting.
• Blowing your nose loudly at the dinner table.
• Talking with your mouth full of food.
• Poor etiquette and bad table manners: Not using knife and fork when appropriate, putting knife in mouth, not opening doors or car doors or pulling the chair out at the dinner table for the lady, not walking her to the door.
• Asking the waiter for a doggy bag.
• Not tipping the 20% for dinner and 15% for lunch. (Take care of the people waiting on you and be pleasant. People remember and the next time you will have excellent service, another great way to impress your date).
• Talking profanity.
• No prospects/ambition. Pune call girls will often be more attracted to a man is trying to reach a goal, rather than a man who has already made a goal. So, even if you are in a great job, have lots of success – tell women you are shooting for more.
• Talking about the women they have dated or are currently dating. Especially if she is a size 2, a model, had long blond hair, etc. No one wants to compete with your ex.
• Over 28 and or you are out of college more than 4 years and still living with Mom and Dad. Do you really want to look like a Mama’s boy?

Don’t worry guys next blog will be for you.

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