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Guys!! Get Ready for your First Date
March 16, 2019
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March 18, 2019
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Online Dating

Earlier I have talked about First date and some dos and don’ts of dating. Contemporary age is the age of online dating and it has its own protocols and considerations. With the arrival of online dating, there are no need for pune call girls and men to check their outfits and hair, instead they check their profiles. The profile should be genuine and impressive leaving no doubts in mind, regarding authenticity. Some Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating are:

  1. While creating your profile always remain anonymous. Never disclose your real identity, real name or any part of your name as your profile ID.
  2. Don’t give any false information in your personal ad and in any emails or online conversations. Be honest, it could later save you and your dating partner from embarrassment or disappointment.
  3. If you choose to add your photograph in your profile then make it a current one. Don’t mislead others by posting someone else’s snap or your some years old photo. And let it be your solo snap otherwise please specify yourself in the description.
  4. Never use your business or work email address. Make a free anonymous email account, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.
  5. Always make your intentions clear to the other party. Tell them in the initial conversations what kind of relation you are looking for.
  6. Always rely on your inkling. If something feels wrong, it probably IS wrong!
  7. Don’t leave someone in suspense, be considerate and reply your thoughts truly and openly.
  8. Before meeting in person, first plan a phone-date. Rushing for a week-end getaway can be a blunder. Try and spend sufficient time corresponding electronically and talking on the phone before agreeing to meet in person. IF s/he really wants to meet YOU, s/he will wait until you are ready.
  9. No blind dates please. Exchange photos and then decide whether both of you really want to meet each other or not. We all hate to admit it, but looks do count!
  10. Don’t keep high expectations.
  11. Plan your first date to be short; perhaps a cup of coffee or ice cream. If all goes well and you think that there is chemistry between you two, then plan your second date.

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